Issue #41

 Happy Tuesday. 

It's Election Day here in the US.  
I voted (last week). 
I said a prayer (this afternoon).
And then I made a decision to turn off the news, the social media, and the WhatsApp notifications.  

I made a choice to focus on those things I DO have control over.  Things like eating a healthy meal, calling my mom, and setting new goals.

It is so easy to put life on hold until "after the election", or "after the pandemic is over", or "after I get a better job""after the weather gets warmer", "after I lose weight" or until after something else happens.

I've decided not to put my life on hold.
I will keep pursuing my dreams, working on my goals, reflecting on what works well in my life, and what needs an upgrade, on continuous improvement + learning.  Let's do this.

This is issue #41 of {Upgrade with Nelly}  

In this newsletter, I discuss self-care, personal productivity, business, mindset during the COVID-era, and how to balance...

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