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Issue #42

Hi beautiful, 

I went for a walk by the beach today.  This year has been so unpredictable.

We all say we like surprises, but that of course is a lie!
We like surprises when it's things that we want.
Nobody likes surprises we don't want.

Nearly Summer-like weather in November, for me, has been a pleasant surprise.  

Can you think back to some pleasant surprises you recently enjoyed in your life?

Welcome to issue #42 of {Upgrade with Nelly}  

In this newsletter I discuss self-care, personal productivity, business, positive mindset, and how to balance busy home life. 

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1. Weekly Check-Ins

Ok ladies.  Let's do this!

It's honesty time!

I'm feeling nervous because I know that I did not dedicate enough time and effort to my new commitments. 

However, this is exactly why we do these weekly check-ins!  It's not only to check things off the list and to feel great about ourselves.  I've done...

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