How to stay consistent with your habits, goals, and projects.

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1. How to stay consistent with your goals, projects, and habits

Consistency is hard for so many of us.  How many times did you start a new diet, or a new exercise routine, or pursue any new habit (meditate daily, read, go to bed early), only to get distracted?  It happens a lot.

I'd like to share what it took to stay consistent with writing 50 issues of this newsletter.  (Read with the intent of applying these lessons to your own goals)

1. Passion.  
I like writing this newsletter.  It's important to me.  I care about getting this done every single week.  You can only stay consistent with goals you genuinely care about. 

2. Schedule it.
This is a weekly newsletter that comes out every Wednesday evening (EST).  If I decided to write it whenever I'm in the mood....we would be up to issue number 6, not 50.  There were a few times last year when I did not complete the newsletter on time and sent it out the following day.  But having a set date/schedule helps create routines and habits.

3. Accountability.
I write for you.  If I give up, will anyone know?  Yes!  You will know!  Even the few times my newsletter was late, I got several emails asking "where is the new issue?"  I appreciate this.  Accountability from others keeps us accountable and consistent.

4. Basic structure.
The newsletter has a basic structure.  I share some of my recent experiences, achievements, and lessons learned.  I give you some advice on ways to upgrade your own life. I mention any other opportunities coming up where you can learn more from me - be it an upcoming webinar, interview, or private coaching.

5. Flexibility.
I allowed myself the flexibility to shift things around.  Some weeks the newsletter is suuuuuper long, while others it's much shorter.  Some weeks I share specific exercises, while others are more about my reflections.  

6. Awareness and creativity.
I use my life happenings, experiences with my clients, books, and courses I'm reading and learning as inspiration.  Inspiration is all around us.  Use it.

Perhaps there were other elements I failed to mention.  But the above is a through-enough list to be useful.

So...let's make this practical and actionable for you.

What is one goal or habit you want to be consistent with???

Can you apply YOUR goal to my framework above?  Share your plan in the comments section below. Also, if you have any questions, please ask below!!!!

Please note, due to the overwhelm of e-mails I receive every single day, I am not able to answer questions privately via email.  I reserve the email communication for my clients.  

Please note, this framework can work for goals related to love, money, habits, organization, creative projects, business, career, anything really.

2. Healthy habits

Did you set any health-related New Years resolutions?  To work out, to meditate, to take walks outdoors, to floss, to take out your contact lenses, to wear your Invisaline retainer, etc.

Let's see how our "consistency framework" can be a useful tool to help with these goals.  

1. Passion.  
Do you actually care about this goal?  In issue #49 I shared that a burning desire is an essential pre-requisite for goal achievement.  How will your life be different if you achieve it? or pursue it? 

2. Schedule it.  
Get specific.  Example would be : "I will do yoga 3 times a week, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8:30-9:30 PM."  That's specific and something you can schedule.   Or: "I will go to the gym right after work, Mon-Thur. for 45 minutes".  Even though "after work" can mean a slightly different time on different days, it's still a specific event in your schedule.  

I will floss right after I brush my teeth in the PM.  Or I will floss after eat meal, is another.

3. Accountability.  
Find an accountability partner or a coach to check in with you on a regular basis about your progress.

4. Basic structure.  
Create a basic workout schedule.  For example, when I used to work out at the gym my structure was 1. Warm-up and gentle stretches 5-10 minutes 2. Cardio (elliptical or treadmill ) 30 minutes 3. weights/strength training 4. Deep stretching

If mediation is the habit you are trying to be consistent with, for example, the basic structure can mean finding a specific spot where you always sit or lay.  

5. Flexibility.  
For the gym example, this means that if you have to skip your Friday workout, you will just be flexible with that and make it up on a Sunday.  Or if you decide to spend the entire workout doing only cardio and skipping weights, it will be fine too.

6. Awareness and creativity.  
You hear a song you love, add it to your playlist to enjoy during workouts.  A friend mentions a workout video they recommend, give it a try.  Noticing that your muscles feel a bit sore? Perhaps do a longer warm up the next time, or take an Epsom salt bath to relax your muscles. 

If your goal is to take walks outdoors, notice which streets or neighborhoods you enjoy walking through the most.  Notice which walking shoes are the most comfortable.  Get creative with how you layer up to stay warm as you enjoy the outdoors this Winter.

Can you apply YOUR goal to my list above?  Share your results in the comments section below. 

3. The little things

Right now more than ever we need to enjoy, embrace, internalize, be present for ...the "little things".

Opening the windows to let some fresh air in.
Sneaking in a mid-day hug.
Indulging in a hot breakfast (or lunch).
Enjoying the ability to go shoe-free (and bra-free) in our homes.
Pausing to say a prayer - or give a blessing.
Drawing (or knitting, baking, programming, designing)- just for the joy of it.
Taking a long shower.
Wearing a nice piece of jewelry - just because you love it.
Buying flowers with your groceries.

The little things ARE the big things right now.

Repost from Issue #17 (May 2020)

4. Goals
I quit coffee.  To make the long story short I realized that coffee is what has been making me irritable, impatient with my kids, not myself.  I mean, it is an addictive drug after all.  

My word for 2021 is calm.  The past two weeks I was paying very very very very close attention to my behavior and my feelings.  When am I calm?  When am I not?  I made a list of things to do such as yoga, going to bed earlier, reading certain books about being patient, minimizing our stuff (as clutter and messes overwhelm me, and makes me not calm). Among my experiments, I stoped drinking coffee.   On day two, I felt like a more balanced, calm, and "normal" person...and I still do.

I'm not "anti coffee".  
Coffee is not bad or evil, although it is very acidic, and addictive for many.

It just wasn't good for me.

As I began to research, I found other people who felt that caffeine had toxic affects on their mental health.  

I would encourage you to slow down and begin to notice the effect of different foods you eat and the habits you have on your life.  Self-knowledge is power.

5. Coming Up
My upcoming Wellness Group Program for women!

The Easy H2O Cleanse is the easiest step by step 21 day program to get you back on track with your eating and self-care. 

I recorded brand new training videos for it.  It is also now doctor approved!  That's right, I consulted with several medical doctors to ensure that I provide the most effective, easiest, and safest program for you to look and feel good.  

More info coming soon.

Thank you for reading!

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