Issue #44 - I tested positive for COVID. (I'm sharing my remedy for recovery)

This is not a typical issue of "Upgrade with Nelly".  Today, for me, was not a typical Tuesday.  Normally my husband would be in the office, my older girls in school, my toddlers in daycare, while I would run errands in the morning, coach clients in the afternoon, get a workout in during the evening, and in between put finishing touches on a newsletter about goals, habits, and productivity.  No, this has not been a typical day nor a typical week.

I have tested positive for COVID-19!

As I'm slowly recovering, I share with your some of the behind-the-scenes.  The reason for transparency is to offer some insight, hope, and resources to anyone going through this, as well.   (Please share it with a friend who needs this right now)

This is issue #44 of {Upgrade with Nelly}  

Please excuse any typos, grammar issues, or incomplete thoughts.  I can't even believe I managed to write this issue given the situation. 

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