Issue #44 - I tested positive for COVID. (I'm sharing my remedy for recovery)

covid-19 mindset vitamins Nov 24, 2020

This is not a typical issue of "Upgrade with Nelly".  Today, for me, was not a typical Tuesday.  Normally my husband would be in the office, my older girls in school, my toddlers in daycare, while I would run errands in the morning, coach clients in the afternoon, get a workout in during the evening, and in between put finishing touches on a newsletter about goals, habits, and productivity.  No, this has not been a typical day nor a typical week.

I have tested positive for COVID-19!

As I'm slowly recovering, I share with your some of the behind-the-scenes.  The reason for transparency is to offer some insight, hope, and resources to anyone going through this, as well.   (Please share it with a friend who needs this right now)

This is issue #44 of {Upgrade with Nelly}  

Please excuse any typos, grammar issues, or incomplete thoughts.  I can't even believe I managed to write this issue given the situation. 

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1. COVID-19, My story 

To make the long story short: My husband and I tested positive for COVID.  My older girls tested negative.  The toddlers were not tested.  We are all currently in quarantine.

I'm sharing some of my OWN experiences below.  If you have any questions on this topic please seek the advice of your doctor or another medical professional.

Can I get COVID twice?

We had COVID before. I think. I was one of the skeptical people unsure if you can get it twice.  Looks like the answer is yes.  

Or perhaps, it's a no? 

My husband's cousin, who is a nurse, told us that re-infection is actually EXTREMELY rare.  Her guess is that last time the illness we had was not COVID (even though we had many of the same symptoms + tested positive for antibodies afterward).  Read on...

Round 2 symptoms? Are they the same?  

Last time (back in February/ March) my husband and I had a deep cough, sore throat, extreme fatigue, stomach pains, and body aches. Plus, I had shortness of breath.   (I clearly remember the moment I could not inhale.  It was scary as hell!)

One of my daughters had a fever for 5 days straight (Tylon did nothing), and severe body aches (she could not stand for more than a few minutes).  It took her a full 14 days to recover.

This time, my husband had a fever, fatigue, loss of taste, severe migraines, cough, chills, and lost consciousness once.  He is doing much better now!

I had severe body aches for about 4 days but it's getting much better now.  You know when you workout and pull a muscle, or sleep wrong, and then can't turn your neck or move a shoulder?  That's what I felt.  Except it was not in one area but in every single muscle in my body!   Some cough and sore throat and migraines, but very similar to a common cold.  Today I lost my sense of taste!!!  It is NOT what I imagined it would be like.  I imagined that I would not feel anything in my mouth.  Instead, you can feel the texture, the temperature of foods, but it all tastes the same!  Even chocolate tastes bland!  My husband got his sense of taste back within 24 hours and I hope that mine will be back soon, too.

According to lab work, Lev had antibodies. He was actually tested twice - in May and then again in September.  Both tests showed antibodies. 

Is it that previous antibodies did not protect against COVID?  Possible.

Is it that both antibody tests were wrong and he never had antibodies in the first place?  Unlikely.

Or did he in fact have antibodies before but they "wore-off"? Maybe.

In the resources section at the end, I'll include an article I found that has good info on antibodies and re-infections.  However, in my opinion, no-one knows anything for certain at this point. 

2. My COVID remedy

All everyone talks about is wearing a mask, social distracting, avoiding travel, staying home on Thanksgiving, and washing hands.  

The sole focus seems to be on NOT getting COVID.

I get it.  COVID sucks.  
(Speaking from personal experience)

But why isn't anyone talking about boosting your immune system so that if you are exposed to COVID, you increase your chances of a smooth recovery?

Boosting your immune system, and staying in optimal health should be the goal in my opinion. 

I am sharing our own experience and remedies.
*Most of the mentioned products are listed with a link in the resources section at the end of this issue.

Your situation may be different based on your individual symptoms and pre-existing conditions.  Please consult your doctor if you have been diagnosed or exposed to COVID-19. 

Every day we take vitamins D and vitamin C (with food), also Quercetin (before meals), probiotics (first thing in the morning on an empty stomach).  Also, we have been drinking TONS of water.  Most people say they drink a lot, but they actually do not.  When I say tons of water, I mean 1-2 very tall cups every hour.

Another remedy that tastes horrible but is a miracle "potion" is a blend of fresh ginger (a lot of it), mixed with fresh lemon juice and lemon pulp, and a little honey.  Eat straight up, followed by water or tea.  Thanks to my friend Diana for reminding me to make it.

For cough, we drank Mucinex (needed it a few times before bed and in the morning).  For sore throat, Ricola cough drops and throat coat tea helped.  

Now, let's talk about the essential oils.  Some people swear by essential oils and I am one of those people.  While others are skeptical and/or critical of them as there are limited controlled experiments conducted with them, and I will not claim that there are.

All I can say is that essential oils have worked for us in the past + worked great this time.  We used Thieves oil this time around.  Again, I can only share my own personal experience but it really really helped us.  Even my husband, who is a skeptic will admit that after this remedy, it was the first night he was able to sleep well.  (I'm leaving a link to the diffuser and the oils in the resources section).  Please be sure you know what you are doing prior to using any oils topically - they MUST be diluted in a carrier oil, you cannot apply them directly to the skin.

Some actual medicine came in handy as well, Lev also took Z-pack and Tylenol (to bring down a fever.)

Some thoughts on sugar.  Sugar is bad-bad-BAD for you!!!  I actually cut out all sugar completely 6 weeks ago.  I believe it did help my body be in better shape for an easier recovery.  I've been using Xylitol sweetener in my coffee + Lily's peanut butter sugar-free treats when I had sugar cravings (I'll include links below).

Of course, rest really helps.  It's not so easy for me to get #momof4.  But yes, if you can get rest, you should.  It helps.


We have been airing out the house every day.  (I do this almost daily, year-round!).  We open the windows in one/two rooms in the house to air it out (while we hang out in the other rooms).  Then switch.  

We Clorox wiped the surfaces.  I had my older girls do this in exchange for TV time.

This is not a treatment plan for you.

I'm simply sharing the plan that is working well for my family.
Please consult your doctor about the best treatment for your situation.

3. Mindset 

While there are many remedies that we need to implement to help the body recover, the side-effects of COVID and quarantine can take a toll on mental health.  

Here is what keeps me going:

A mantra I keep saying out loud + by now I have brainwashed myself enough to actually really truly with my whole heart to believe.

"Something good will come out of this."

Something good will out of this.

Of course, I want to know what this "good" is.  I keep playing a guessing game.

Maybe we were not spending enough time as a family.  And boom, just like that we are together all the time.

Maybe something bad was meant to happen at a location where one of us was scheduled to be or pass through, and by us being at home, it will avoid this accident or this danger.

Maybe I'm meant to go through this, and share my experience to help others get through COVID and quarantine.  And yes, getting through COVID and getting through quarantine are two separate challenges that need to be tackled.

Maybe it's because I did say a prayer to be able to lose a few final pounds FAST.  There you go!  Lost 5 lbs this week.  Maybe I'm just such a strong manifestor.  Be careful what you wish for.  It will often come true.  Just not the way you imagined it would.

Let me be completely straight up and honest with you.  It's not butterflies and roses.  I'm not loving this.  I'm doing my best to get through this.

4. Wise words from a friend

"Have kind thoughts about yourself and it will manifest to others". ~ Milana Yakubov


5. Good advice from an aunt

"Don't be a hero, take it easy for the next few days and listen to your body."  ~ Sveta Sionova

6. Resources mentioned in today's newsletter

Vitamins D - my kids take 1 chewable, while Lev and I have been taking 3 of them daily.

Vitamin C  

Quercetin immunity booster


Mucinex liquid medication for cough

Ricola sugar-free original taste cough drop

Throat coat tea

Thieves Essential oil

Essential oil diffuser 

Lily's sugar-free peanut butter chocolate cups

Xylitol sweetener (warning: I heard that it is not safe for pets)

Article of antibodies and re-infections

Thanks for reading. 
Stay healthy.

And Happy Thanksgiving.

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