COVID Vaccine - my current views

COVID vaccine

Vaccinations are underway in the United States, and other countries all over the world, using vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna.

My clients, friends, and social media followers have been asking me how I feel about the vaccine.  The vaccine, like many many other recent happenings, has become another controversial hot topic.  I usually prefer to avoid dwelling on such topics, so I'll keep this answer brief.

*I am not a doctor and medical decisions are best made with the advice of a healthcare professional who you trust.  

Below are just my personal and current opinions - which may or may not change with time.

1. I really hope and pray that the vaccine is effective and safe, without any significant side effects.  This is personal and I deeply care about this.  A lot of our family members (from both my and my husband's side) are healthcare workers who have received the vaccine.

2. I honestly have concerns about the safety of the vaccine....

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Quarantine mental sanity remedies + goal setting for December

Last week's newsletter resonated with so many of you.  I'm glad I did not hold back and shared all of my remedies for recovery.  If you missed that issue, as always, I will include a link to it in the resources section at the end of this newsletter.  Please share it with anyone who needs the resources. 

 Today I'm sharing with you my mental recovery protocols. 

But let's not get stuck in Corona-Ville.   Enough is enough.  It is December - a new month - and it's time to set brand new goals.  No matter what November has been like for you, you can set brand new goals to upgrade your life.  In today's issue, I will walk you through it.  

This is issue #45 of {Upgrade with Nelly} 

Every week I discuss self-care, personal productivity, business, mindset, relationships, creativity, and how to balance busy home life.  

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1. Surviving COVID + the...

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Issue #44 - I tested positive for COVID. (I'm sharing my remedy for recovery)

This is not a typical issue of "Upgrade with Nelly".  Today, for me, was not a typical Tuesday.  Normally my husband would be in the office, my older girls in school, my toddlers in daycare, while I would run errands in the morning, coach clients in the afternoon, get a workout in during the evening, and in between put finishing touches on a newsletter about goals, habits, and productivity.  No, this has not been a typical day nor a typical week.

I have tested positive for COVID-19!

As I'm slowly recovering, I share with your some of the behind-the-scenes.  The reason for transparency is to offer some insight, hope, and resources to anyone going through this, as well.   (Please share it with a friend who needs this right now)

This is issue #44 of {Upgrade with Nelly}  

Please excuse any typos, grammar issues, or incomplete thoughts.  I can't even believe I managed to write this issue given the situation. 

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