Quarantine mental sanity remedies + goal setting for December

Last week's newsletter resonated with so many of you.  I'm glad I did not hold back and shared all of my remedies for recovery.  If you missed that issue, as always, I will include a link to it in the resources section at the end of this newsletter.  Please share it with anyone who needs the resources. 

 Today I'm sharing with you my mental recovery protocols. 

But let's not get stuck in Corona-Ville.   Enough is enough.  It is December - a new month - and it's time to set brand new goals.  No matter what November has been like for you, you can set brand new goals to upgrade your life.  In today's issue, I will walk you through it.  

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1. Surviving COVID + the quarantine 

Last week I shared all of my remedies to heal physically.

Getting through COVID is one thing.  Surviving a family quarantine without totally losing your damn mind is another.  

Today, I'm sharing what is helping me get through this.

But first, let me know be completely honest and direct with you (as I always am) and say: quarantine is hard!  

Anyone who tells you it's easy is LYING!

It's not easy or fun or lovely.

Nonetheless, here is what helped me + I hope it helps you, too.

1. I upgraded my quarantine wardrobe.  I got myself cozy slippers and new pajamas.  I figured that if I will be home for 14 days straight, it might as well be cute and feel cozy.  

2. I upgrade my quarantine environment.  I ordered myself fresh flowers with my groceries delivery.  I have fresh beautiful flowers to look at and this brightens up my day.

3. I simplified my quarantine chores.  We have been using disposable plates because no-one has the energy or desire to be washing dishes right now.  It's not great for the environment, but doing dishes is not great for my sanity.  I had to prioritize.

4. A smoothie a day helps my sanity stay.  Smoothies are filling, healthy, delicious, and so easy to make!  Every day I throw some fresh and frozen fruit into the blender, and just like that, in one go, we have breakfast or a mid-day snack for everyone.

5. I talk to loving supportive friends.  It helps get through this.

6. I kiss my kids.  Even when they overwhelm me (every single day!), I try to focus on something special about each one of them.  

7. I fantasize about a better and brighter tomorrow.  I dream about what life will be like after the quarantine, after kids are all in school full time, after COVID.  I dream of joining the gym, traveling with Lev, getting together with friends, not having to wear a mask.  The vision of simply leaving my house and going for a walk around the block, sounds pretty lovely, as well.

8. I make sure I'm continuing to take care of my body by eating balanced meals and drinking tons of water.  Because physical well-being does help the mind. (and vice versa!)

Think of what would make you feel better and happier.  Even a little bit.  Make a move.

Fuzzy slippers on their own would not have changed much.  But it's the combination of all the things I did, all at once, that makes the difference.  So do it all, all at once!  You deserve to feel better.  

2. "At least..." - an exercise

This is another exercise I invented for myself last week that has been helping me get through this quarantine.  

This exercise can help you overcome any challenge.  

Made a bad investment and lost money?  Do at least exercise.

Had an argument with your sister (or husband, or friend)? Do at least exercise.

Been working out and gave up all carbs but barely lost any weight? Do at least exercise.

Broke something, lost something, misplaced something?  Do at least exercise.

Step 1: If you need to, you can start off by venting about the undesirable situation. Be honest with yourself or whoever you are venting to.  Get it all off your chest and out of your system.  Set a time limit of 5-10 minutes max.

"Quarantine is so hard.  I'm tired and overwhelmed.  Why can't the kids listen?  I think I'm getting grey hairs!  Now I have to start coloring my hair.  Now I have to add "color my hair" to my to-do list as if I don't already have enough things on my to-do list..."

Step 2: Write down as many "at least ____" statements as possible.  

At least
 is about finding something positive in an otherwise undesirable situation.  It helps you stay grounded and get through the challenge.

At least there is Zoom and my kids won't miss school work.

At least Lev is able to do some work from home.

At least we tested right away and quarantined immediately, and did not infect anyone!

At least I got my eyebrows done before, so I feel more put together.

At least I don't need to go out into the storm. (It was a super rainy and windy day in NYC yesterday, and secretly I felt happy about staying in).

3. Goal setting for December


 It's December.
The final month of 2020. 

 Let's finish off strong. 


This has been a crap-year for many.

Don't let the past decide your future.


Think about what you want.

Connect to your desires.

Envision a good month.

And set some new goals.


Think about all the different areas of your life...

Think about all the personal or professional projects you want to take on.

Choose TWO projects or goals you want to focus on for the month.


December is a busy month for many of us with the Winter holidays coming up, kids being off from school, and some of this month needs to be freed up for yearly planning (hello 2021).


Let's focus on our two projects for December.


My focus will be on self-care and reading/learning (I'm sharing my books below).

What will you focus on?
Pick two goals or projects.  Right now.  


Of course, I will still do other things to keep life moving forward.  I will drop off the amazon packages by the UPS store, I will hire a cleaner to get the house in order, and I will work on my business.


But I will prioritize self-care. 

And I will prioritize reading and self-improvement.


What will you be prioritizing this month?

Want to get your house in order?

Want to get your exercise routine started?

Want to start dating? 

Want to improve your relationship with your husband, your sister, your best friend, with God?

Want to start or grow your business?

Want to start or keep writing your book?

Want to learn a skill?

Want to have fun?


What DO you want?


Pick two things to focus on. 


We will talk about goal setting for the year in a future issue.  (I have something really special planned for you, so be sure to check your inbox throughout the month.  Not on my email list yet?  Sign up now at nellyodessa.com/upgrade (it's free)  

4. Books I'm reading + loving

Do you read several different books all at once?  

I do!  

It's the old habit from school days when studied multiple subjects at once.  It stuck with me and I wouldn't have it any other way!

If you are like me and love to read several books simultaneously, awesome!

If you prefer to focus on one book at a time, you do you, girl!  

Here is what I'm currently reading...and loving.  All books are linked up in the resources section below if you want to check them out.

You Can Heal Your Life - it's a personal development/self-help type book about overcoming your limiting beliefs, healing childhood wounds (we all have them!), and boosting self-love.  (I'm up to page 49)

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids - it's a parenting book for parents with children 0-9 years of age.  The book is about how to get children to listen and cooperate.  It's also about how to remain calm when kids trigger us. (I'm 
up to page 95) 

Rich Dad, Poor Dad - it's a money mindset book (I'm up to page 57)

6. Resources mentioned in today's newsletter


Cozy House Slippers

Pajama with Style

You Can Heal Your Life (BOOK) by Louise Hay

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids (BOOK) by Dr. Laura Markham

Rich dad, Poor dad  (BOOK) by Robert Kiyosaki

Covid recovery remedies newsletter 

Thanks for reading. 
Stay healthy, happy, and productive.

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