How to say goodbye to 2020 + face yoga, new group challenges, and wishes

Thank you so much for reading my words.  It has been such a pleasure writing this newsletter for you every single week and sharing with you what I'm most passionate about - women being proactive about upgrading our lives.

I want to wish you a beautiful holiday season and an amazing  2021.

This is issue #47 of {Upgrade with Nelly}  

Every week I discuss self-care, personal productivity, business, relationships, creativity, and how to balance busy home life. 

1. How to say goodbye to 2020

I love setting new goals, and making new lists - and if you do, too - hey, there, soul sister!

But before you rush to make new plans and welcome in 2021, I think it is very important to close 2020 properly.

We do that by reflecting (in writing).

This has been a crazy year.

So much uncertainty.
So much fear + pain.
Yet, so many new discoveries and much personal growth.

Beyond masks, quarantines, and social distancing...
Beyond the vaccine, elections, and social movements...

What has the year been like for you, personally?

Make a list...

1. List everything that went well for you in 2020.  All the blessings, happy moments, things you are grateful for, achievements, lessons learned, growth that occurred.  Yes, it may have been a tough year, and yet we are starting with the good things.
1. I started writing the Upgrade with Nelly newsletter. 

2. I completed the MUTU mamas workout program (I worked out every single day for 3 months and restored my postpartum body)

3. All four of my children started brand new schools this year

4. I am still married (yes, after this crazy year and quarantines, etc, etc..still being married is an achievement for anyone)

5. I decluttered over 1,000 objects

6. I also listed all the books I started and finished...

But enough of my examples.  Make your list NOW!
Aim to write down at least 30-50 things.

2. Now, list everything that went wrong.  List all of the problems, pain, losses, regrets, things you still need to fix, or forgive, or let go of.

List it all.

You can cry while you make this list.  It's OK to cry.  Have water nearby and be sure to drink it.  

If you need to, take a walk outside or take a hot shower.

Get it all out of your mind onto the page.

Some of these things might be misfortunes of the past year.  While others may be issues you are still dealing with.  Write them all down.  Acknowledge them.  Face them.  Accept them.   That's all you need to do for this reflection exercise - just make the list.

Please forgive me, as this felt very personal I have decided not to share my examples in this category today.    

And then my favorite.  The final list.  An exercise of the imagination.

3. What do you WISH you would have been able to write when you were making list #1?

List all of the things you WISH you would have been able to say about 2020.

1. I wish I would have traveled to Odessa, Ukraine (city where I grew up)

2. I wish I would have completed and launched my group wellness program 

3. I wish I would have been more patient with my kids

4. I wish I would have decluttered and organized all of my digital files (docs on the computer, my email inbox, photos on my phone)

5. I wish I would have wasted less time and energy on...

Make YOUR lists.

All the good, all the bad, and all the things you wish would have happened in 2020 but didn't...guess what, they can happen in 2021.

Well...I'm not really sure if travel will be safe or possible BUT MOST of the things on my list I am FULLY and completely in charge of.   

2. Self-Care

Have you heard of "face yoga"?

It's a series of "stretches" and face massage techniques to tone the muscles in your face.  

I am experimenting with it as a part of my evening skincare routine...and so far, loving it!

Search for "face yoga" or "face massage" + "for ...." whatever you want to improve (face yoga for under-eye hollows, face yoga for restful sleep, face yoga to high cheekbones).

I'm liking @Karina_na_more on Instagram 
+ Rachna Jintaa on YouTube.

4. FB Group Challenge

We are doing a new challenge together in the Facebook Group ( titled 17 Days of Upgrades.

The idea of the challenge is to upgrade something specific every remaining day of 2020.  We have upgraded our beauty, self-care, our homes, our fun, our problem-solving...and the challenge is still going - and you can join and start at any time.  I make posts daily with practical ideas.

Thank you so much to everyone who is not only doing the challenge but is participating in the group.  Thank you for commenting on the posts, sharing your upgrades, asking questions, sharing photos.  This is my FAVORITE part - and definitely inspires me to create more interactive challenges like this one.   

What do you think?  Would you be interested in more group challenges?  If so, on what topics...let me know.


 5. Final Wishes

I want to sign off today with this...

I wish you, and your loved ones, health and wellness, safety, love, joy,  money, and a consistent flow of creativity and inspiration.

Thank you for reading!  
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