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Uncategorized Mar 24, 2020

No matter how meaningful, exciting, and fulfilling - OR - how depressing, stressful, and exhausting your life situation currentlyis - you can upgrade your life today.


Regardless of what is happening in your life right now - it can get better...and better and better and better...

This is what it means to upgrade your life.  To move it on to the next level.


The best thing about life upgrades is that every single woman can take some small action, right now, that is completely within her control, and does not depend on anyone else - and can see immediate positive results!


We all have been preached to about "life transformations".


With books, TV show episodes, magazine articles, and blog posts with titles such as
"7 steps to a complete transformation", "14 days to transform your life", and "how to transform your entire life and the world" the desired goal may appear far off in the distance.


A transformation feels overwhelming, like I have to put all my responsibilities on hold, change everything, overnight.  Only then, when I'm a new person, with a new life, a new set of friends, completely healed of my bad habits, that I can live a great life.


I do not believe in or teach this approach (of transformation).


Instead, I believe in the process of incremental upgrade:


  • Anything that is not going well in your life (improve it little by little)


  • Everything that is going wonderful in your life (keep making it better and better)


You can upgrade anything and everything in your life :


  • your home


  • your happiness


  • your marriage


  • your morning routine


  • your body


  • your health


  • your wealth


  • your relationship with your children (or parents/siblings/friends/coworkers/neighbors)


  • your relationship with your money


  • your snacking habits


  • your work habits


  • your sleep


  • your self care


  • your creative expression


  • your ability to focus


  • your ability to control your anger


  • your ability to love


  • your addiction to sugar (or coffee/carbs/junk food/cigarettes/television)


  • your addiction to social media


  • your negative thought patterns


  • your fears of failure (or success/spiders/the dark)
  • your connection (or rather re-connection) to yourself and your vision for your life
  • your connection to your spirit within


This is what my blog is all about.


Ideas and inspiration for taking all different areas of your life and parts of yourself to the next level.


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Life is complex - with many things happening all at once.  There is always something that's going well....and something that is not...and we can upgrade either one...or both!


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