My plan for success and happiness in 2021.

Hello, 2021.  And happy new year to you, my beautiful life-upgrader.

I launched this newsletter exactly a year ago.  Some of you have been with me from the very start, while others are just now discovering my work.

Let me reintroduce myself.  

I empower women to pursue (and achieve) their goals + to upgrade all areas of life.  I'm a creative entrepreneur, life improvement specialist (life coach with an edge), and mom of 4.  I'm proactively pursuing upgrades in my own life and sharing it all with you to inspire you to do the same. 

This is issue #48 of {Upgrade with Nelly}  

This is where we talk about self-care, personal productivity, business, relationships, creativity, and how to pursue your dreams and goals while fulfilling your other responsibilities.

Just an FYI, going forward the weekly newsletter will go out on Wednesdays (instead of Tuesdays). 

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1. Pick a word for 2021

Before we get specific and start setting detailed goals and making plans, let's start off with the big vision.

One way to do that is to pick a word, a phrase, or a theme that will guide you throughout the year.

This is the word/phrase/theme you will come back to, for clarity and inspiration on a regular basis.  This will be your guiding light.

My word is "CALM" and its variation "calmly".

I am calmly pursuing all my goals and responsibilities.
I am calm with my children.
I am calm with my husband, our relatives, friends...
When problems come up, I remain calm.

This is my vision.
My desire.

I'm not there yet.
But I yearn to be.

And thus, I'm choosing this word for the year.  And I will write it down, I will say it out loud, I will whisper it, I will talk about it to others, I typed it out on my computer and shared it with you.  I will revisit it often.
And I trust that my clarity and awareness and desire will lead me on the right path.

What's your word for 2021?
Share it with me and other fellow-" upgraders" in the Facebook Group.
Or leave a comment below!!!!

Your word can be anything.
Or it can be a phrase, a mantra, or even an image (draw it or cut it out of a magazine).

Love or it's variations in-love, lovely, lovingly
Passion or its variation, passionately 
Health or healthy
Energy or energetically
your options are unlimited...

Please share your word in the Facebook group and read the replies of others.  Ladies, don't be shy to share in the group - it's a safe space by a woman (me) for women.  It is a private group (only those in the group can see your replies....while other Facebook friends of yours cannot see anything your share! Don't worry.)

2. Gratitude

I was not even planning to include this section in this issue, and yet after typing the number 2, "gratitude" is what "my brain began to think and my hands began to type".

I had a variety of small challenges come up yesterday and today.  I have not yet mastered "calm reactions" and staying "calm".  So yes, I've been a bit stressed.

Perhaps this section is not to teach you anything new, but just a moment in my writing to make me feel better.

Because gratitude is supposed to do that.
This is what everyone says.

Let's go...

1. I'm grateful that my heat is working well and I feel so warm and cozy on this chilly day.

2. I'm grateful to my children's teachers for everything they do.

3. I'm grateful to Loius Hay for writing her wonderful book "You Can Heal Your Life" and to my friends Milana and Diana for reading it with me.

4. I'm grateful for lemon water.

5. I'm grateful for all the fresh food we have in the house.

6. I'm grateful for my laptop.

7. I'm beyond grateful for all the strangers who came to help me yesterday when my car keys fell into the sewer! 

Having a hard day?
Make your gratitude list.
It really does help.

3. FB Group Challenge

Just in case you missed it... Last month we did a 17 Days of Upgrades challenge within the Facebook Group (

You can do a search for "17 days of upgrades" within the group to find all of the posts.  You can upgrade any of the areas we covered, in any order you choose.   Even if you search up the previous assignments and implement just 2 of them, it will upgrade your life!


 4. New Goals for the YEAR

I want to pursue my year with intention.

Staying focused and optimistic and choosing meaningful goals is the way to go. 

And thus I'd love to share with you ladies my priorities for this year. 

Below are the projects I will pursue, explore, and focus on in my own life.  (Hopefully, with a sense of CALM!). 

1. Order, organization, and systems. 

I will be using the following book as inspiration for monthly and weekly assignments to better organize my home, my time, my life: One Year to An Organized Life

2. Self-Care

I used to set so many "external goals" in the past.

I still believe ALL meaningful goals are important and should be pursued with commitment and passion, including "external goals".  

And yet, I realize that one of the most important goals women can set is self-care.  My health, my happiness, looking and feeling my best (energetic, beautiful, calm), my wellbeing - nurturing my body, mind, and soul are key to a good life AND are key to long-term success.  

When I am at my best, I can do everything else better.

I will be exploring everything health, wellness, nutrition, mindset, and happiness related - and of course, sharing all the details with you.

3. Continuous growth

When we know better, we do better.  

I'm committed to continuing my journey of personal growth - and to perhaps consider new genres of books, new types of workshop, and better ways to implement what I learn into my life.

4. Business + career projects

I will continue creating, exploring new strategies, upgrades my tools, and tech.

5. Following through on inspiration 

The flow of new ideas never stops. I basically breathe new ideas.

I actually used to think there was something wrong with me because I was always "making up" some new unexpected things to do, try, create.  I now realize that this is my most unique blessing and gift to myself and others.

My goal is to take my ideas seriously.
To record them in writing.
To review them.
To nurture them.
To enjoy them. 

The only thing I will be mindful of is making sure that these new projects don't conflict with the 4 primary goals above.

I promise that as I share my journey in future issues that I am always aware that I am writing for you.  Whatever I share, even if I use my personal examples, it's because I believe that it will inspire YOU, or offer a practical tip for you to try, or perhaps avoid doing what doesn't work and save you time and trouble.

I love you all.

I support you.
I believe in you.
You are awesome.
And this is YOUR YEAR.

Let's do this!

Thank you for reading!
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Wishing you health, happiness, and success.


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