Upgrade your self talk, upgrade your goals, and buy a neti pot.

This is issue #49 of {Upgrade with Nelly}  

Let's talk about self-care, personal productivity, business, relationships, creativity, and how to pursue your dreams and goals while fulfilling your other responsibilities. 

1. More.

In the busyness of life, among paying bills, and meal prep, and errands, and doctor visits, and vacuuming, and other basic life maintenance tasks, which consume the majority of our time and focus, be sure to pause from time to time.  To pause and reflect on your BIGGER vision to ensure that you stay on course.

Keep reflecting on your values, true desires, and sincere needs.

What do you want more of in your life?

Right now I want MORE of: 
Green vegetables in my diet
Relaxed happy moments with my kids
Doing good for others
Fresh produce
Lemon water
Writing time
Reading time
Quality time with my husband
True friends
Time outdoors

Pause.  Reflect.  Yes, YOU!
Make your list.  Do this Now.

2. Less.

In the busyness of life, among our pursuits for more, it is important to pause and go deep within.

Sometimes we truly have what we need to be happy, healthy, in love, fulfilled...but there are just so many distractions coming from all different directions that we can't enjoy it.

What are the distractions that you need less off?

Right now I want LESS of:
Sugar and processed foods
Clutter and random kids' toys
Social Media
Chores and housework
Shopping for extras

Make your list.  
Pause and do it now.

Unsure what to upgrade in your life next?  

Choose something from your MORE list and/or from your LESS list.

3. "I accept myself"

In the book "You Can Heal Your Life" author Louise Hay suggests repeating the affirmation "I accept myself" to yourself 200-300 times daily.

When you are driving "I accept myself, I accept myself, I accept myself, I accept myself..."

When you are folding laundry "I accept myself.  I accept myself...

Loading the dishwasher...."I accept myself" x10"
Walking the dog..."I accept myself"
Tidying up..."I accept myself..."
Waiting in line (or on hold)..."I accept myself.  I accept myself.  I accept myself..."

I've been doing this for a week.  With a "let's see what happens" kind of attitude. Open-minded but with no expectations.

Then one day, I messed up. Not with this exercise.  Just with life.  I did something wrong, bad, stupid, dumb, silly, ineffective...and my first reaction was "Agghhh, what's wrong with me" and then just like magic, 3 seconds into this my brain intervened and "I accept myself.  I accept myself.  I accept myself just as I am" mantra came in, naturally, organically, without trying.

Beating myself up over my mistake would have caused nothing but more stress on my mind and tension on my body.  This would only lower my mood and the ability to be kind to others and creative with my work.

While "I accept myself" will then lead to "I accept myself just as I am.  I know I am capable of doing better,  I believe in my own ability to get better and I am committed to doing better next time".  This approach leads to forgiveness and a desire to grow and a plan to improve.

And you know what's funny?
I don't even remember what I did that time when I "messed time" I mentioned earlier.  Did I forget to get something at the grocery store or did I say something wrong on the phone or what it something else?  I don't remember!
Catching my negative self-talk and switching to this mantra, honestly cleared everything.  I'm not dwelling on the mistake. It's all been cleared.  Only the lesson remains.  Yes, the lesson of programming our brains and doing the mindset work in advance, all the lessons remain.

 4. Lessons from my clients

A lot of clients tell me that they have not been successful in pursuing their goals in the past.  

 One of the reasons you may not be achieving your goals is because you set goals you don't really care about.

Napoleon Hill, in his classic (and brilliant) book "Think and Grow Rich," states that the starting point of all achievement is "burning desire".  You have to really really really want it.   Badly.  

If you don't really care about your goal you will not be willing to do what you need to do to achieve it.

I believe that ALL goals are possible and achievable.  And for any nitpickers, let's just add this disclaimer - all goals within the confines of the laws of physics and science are possible.  

I always ask my clients a series of questions to ensure that the goal they choose to pursue with my support is one that truly matters.

Burning desire is the foundation of success.

Beyond that, you need a solid plan, and support coupled with the accountability to get there.

Have goals?
I can help you achieve them.
E-mail me to book your coaching session now.
Space is limited: 
All info is here: https://www.nellyodessa.com/personal-success-coaching

5. Favorite Thing

Neti pot!

I have been talking about this product for 10 years.  I don't understand how some people have never heard of it.  In my opinion, it is the best thing ever.

Have a runny nose? Neti pot!

Allergies? Neti pot.
Congested? Neti pot.
Headaches or migraines? Neti pot.
Fatigue? Neti pot.

It even helps with dark under-eye circles!

Disclaimer: If you ever had nose surgery or had a broken nose or any changes to the natural bone structure of the nose, it may not work for you.  

You can and should do a google search for more info if neti pot is new to you.

The model I currently have (about 4 years old) I was not able to find online for you.  But here is a link to a similar one (and I did use to own this one previously) so I know it's great, along with all the products I recommend.  


6. Coming Up

Next week I'll share updates on the yearly goals from last week's issue.

A list of all the upgrades I have made in 2021 so far. (and will walk you through making your own list, as well.)

Details on my upcoming Wellness Group Program for women!

As always, more life lessons, advice, and practical exercises.

And a celebration!

Stay tuned...

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